Big News ! Big Changes and a Big Welcome to The Write Copywriter …

(Post updated May 8, 2019)

Hello World ! (that’s such a generic default in the world of blogging but think about it for a minute – in fact, one better, shout it silently to yourself – “Hello World !”. Doesn’t it just make you feel like there’s a zillion ears listening…)

Well, Hello World ! I’ve got some Big News ! Big Changes ! and it all starts with a Big Welcome to The Write Copywriter Website, Blog and my World of Words.

The Write Copywriter has been in existence since 2008 and has just recently revamped its entire structure …

I have lots of exciting things to share with you so don’t forget to subscribe to The Write Copywriter Blog (see link in upper right column) so you’ll be kept up to date without having to do a thing . . . because I know you’re busy and subscribing will allow me to make your connection here with The Write Copywriter easy.

I’m very excited about the changes I’ve made here and share with you that:

  • The entire website has been redesigned.
  • My writing services are focused on crafting human interest stories, lifestyle columns and conversational copywriting. I am VERY excited about this because these are my favorite types of writing to create. Be sure to check out what it’s all about and contact me if you have any questions and to get started on your next writing project.

I thank you for being with me all these years and requesting my uniquely creative writing services. I look forward to continuing to serve you; dazzle your stories and audiences, and create the copy you need in order to share all that you do with your customers.

Don’t forget to “subscribe” to the blog and “share” The Write Copywriter with everyone you know in need of an outstanding writer for their stories, projects and copy.

Because remember …

The Write Copywriter makes a difference … everything else is just jargon !

13 thoughts on “Big News ! Big Changes and a Big Welcome to The Write Copywriter …

  1. Christine McDonald says:

    John (therightcopywriter) thank you very much for your kind words. I’ve visited your site as well and can only say the same about your business.

    It amazes me when I see the locations of my visitors. But I also have clients as far away as London so I guess that’s the dynamite plus of online writing and marketing.

    I would love to assist you with my writing services. Be sure to “like” our facebook page, subscribe to The Write Copywriter website or subscribe to this blog so you’ll be sure to receive all our updates and information.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. It helps me know what’s needed and how to improve !

    • Pink says:

      Alors là Clara, je suis FAN FAN FAN de cette tenue !! La robe est magnifique avec cette dentelle, et les chaussures n’en parlons pas! C&78#12;est vraiment les plus belles, et plus la coupe de devant fait un très beau pied.. Bonne soirée

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