About The Write Copywriter

The search is on(line). Competition is fierce.

Who’s your clientele? How are they discovering you?
Does your copy (words) convince them to click, book, reserve, visit?

  • If search engines aren’t finding you, neither will your customers
  • If search engines aren’t visiting you, neither are your customers
  • If search engines aren’t ranking you, neither can your customers

Nowadays, business can’t succeed without customers being able to find, visit and rank you, not only in person but online.

A content marketing strategy and writer need to be part of your success team.

How do you possibly manage that important aspect of your hotel, restaurant or resort business? You’re already overbooked with duties. (wrong kind of overbookings, right!)

With me. Your hospitality content and copywriter concierge.

Welcome! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m Christine McDonald, your Hospitality Content and Copywriting Concierge – “Writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™” – assisting you with your content marketing goals – I write copy to help you get discovered, and get your ideal guest booking, reserving and returning.

Perhaps you have a specific project in mind. Perhaps you’d like to discuss a more detailed content and copywriting strategy. No problem.


May I explain the amenities

For years I worked at the Upper Cape Cod’s only waterfront hotel resort
(think – Barbara Walter’s father once had a hand in and she summered at)
I had the pleasure of interacting with guests upon arrival, as they dined, and throughout the hotel

A professional hospitality copywriter who:Picture of a writer in pink floral dress talking at a seaside table

  • Is a seasoned industry server
  • Knows the business
  • Understands the clientele

I know how to speak (copywrite) to them.

I’m a team player with a passion for the industry, a commitment to the guests and a killer copywriter!


Tips and Testimonials

“I saw what you did. I was very impressed.”

Work With Me

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How We Work Together









Work With Me

A detailed explanation

of the process to work with me

your Hospitality Copywriter Concierge

Turn Lookers Into Bookers – Hesitation into Reservation

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