Creating Connection, Caring & a Call to Action
through Human Interest, LIFESTYLE

You have a story to tell, info to share, a cause to support, something to sell.

Well then, let’s reach and engage your audience and customers.


the prelude

Whether you’re a company, a community or a cause, reaching your audience (customers, subscribers, supporters) takes unique storytelling and copywriting to succeed.

  • It involves speaking from your heart to their heart.
  • It involves building audience trust in your company, product, service or cause.
  • It involves enhancing your bottom line with honest, heart-felt words being your top priority.

To build a relationship with your customers and audience takes time, caring and proper communication.

“When you want to persuade people to do something, you must first persuade them you are of good will.” Socrates

Let’s dig in, dig deep, uncover your gems and communicate in a way that your customers and audience want to repeatedly do business with you because . . . you have a story to tell, info to share, a cause to support, something to sell – and I can assure you, you have an audience out there longing to connect.



What does your product, service, idea, your company, community or cause do that touches the heart of the human you are attempting to affect and trigger a call to action from?

Let’s uncover it. Let’s sell it. Let’s tell it.
Let’s touch lives.

If your publication, product, service, your company, community or cause involves reaching the young adult, millennial, faith or spiritual lifestyle audience in any way, together we can make a difference in your bottom line by crafting copy that speaks to and from the human element as your top priority.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

the write copywriter can help you!

I am Christine McDonald, the heart, pen and sole workaholic here at The Write Copywriter.

I’m a former Court Reporter turned inspirational informant and young adult and millennial life coach. I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™, supporting young adults, well, since I was one, and following faith not knowing there were other roads to travel

I was born in Boston, bred in its surrounding communities, summered on the sands of Cape Cod, love life and everything in it. So . . .

so what, you say!

what does WHO I AM DO FOR YOU?

Well, I am
The Write Copywriter
©, a privately owned and operated boutique writing business

specializing in crafting human interest, lifestyle, content and conversational copy writing

for the young adult, millennial, faith, spiritual and lifestyle markets.

how do I do what i do for you?

By combining CREATIVE writing, COPY writing, CONTENT writing, COLUMN writing, WEB DESIGN and SEO writing “techniques”, I craft words to communicate with your customers and audience and elicit an interest in them to do business with you.

Specializing in crafting CONTENT, HUMAN INTEREST, LIFESTYLE and CONVERSATIONAL COPY WRITING for the Young Emerging Adult, Millennial, Faith, Spiritual and Lifestyle industries, I write:

  • WEB – BLOG – E-LETTER – E-BOOK and SCRIPT (YouTube | Podcast) content
  • REVIEWS – INTERVIEWS – PROFILES – of artists, authors, people, books, products and services, etc.
  • ARTICLES and COLUMNS – specializing in highlighting a human interest angle and leaving readers inspired to have found your company, community or cause.

* * * * *

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In all I DO FOR YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE, my main goal is always:

“to contribute to the creation of that which enhances the ambiance and aesthetics of the mind, body, soul and environment” ~ through heart-felt storytelling & story selling

you’ve heard of the side hustle, right?

(no, it’s not a new dance craze)
it’s the side biz


  • LIFE & CONFIDENCE COACH – for Young Adults and Millennials
  • USUI REIKI (spiritual energy) HEALING TEACHER – Reiki ‘Round the World™ program


i’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™

Since 1979 I’ve worked in the legal industry as a (live) Court Reporter, transcriber and/or proofreader.

Then boredom and a repetitive strain injury settled in like the fog.

In my spare time I wrote. I was always writing something for someone . . . the first to volunteer their pencil to paper.

When the repetitive strain injury finally outweighed my recuperative abilities, someone very dear to me looked me straight in the eye and said . . .

“You should do something with your writing”

So I took my legal practicality, my love of writing, my passion for inspiring millennials and young emerging adults, combined it with my belief in faith & spirituality, virtually studied like heck, created a writing business and have never looked back.

I love what I do because what I do is assist and inspire you, your life and your business.


Ah, the catch. You knew it.

Not really. But I must be fair and give you my professional disclaimer:

In a nutshell, I don’t write for scientific, technical or financial arenas. Don’t take it personally. Nothing against you guys. I simply wasn’t gifted in those areas. Believe me, all my math and science teachers would concur.


The Write Copywriter Makes a Difference™

so . . .

who’s working on your project?

blind dates are awful, I know
but let’s give it a go . . .

Let’s chat about how my writing services and/or programs can assist you to promote, support or sell your product, service, idea, company, community, cause or self.

My heart, mind and front door are always open – the invitation’s on the mat – drop in – I look forward to assisting you!