Hospitality Copywriter Process

Hospitality Copywriter Process

Should you hire a professional hospitality copywriter?

As an independent hospitality copywriter, I wonder . . . as a hotelier or restaurateur, as a real estate agency or luxury brand, do you have the need for website, email, brochure, guide content and collateral copy?


Then you would greatly benefit from hiring a professional hospitality copywriter.

I know a killer copywriter 😉

Hi. I’m Christine. A killer hospitality copywriter who writes website copy, blog posts, description copy (product, property, service), case studies, email lead generator copy, email sequencing and opt-in forms.

I write those non-website pieces of collateral – brochures, guides, menu copy – to attract, connect with and persuade your ideal customer to book, reserve or dine at your hotel, restaurant or resort.

Photo of woman sitting dockside at Flying Bridge Restaurant, Falmouth, MA overlooking the menu and the harbor
Hospitality Copywriter Christine McDonald

I write all that copy, content and collateral you need to attract, inform and convert your ideal customer to do business with you.

✍️ 🛎 ✍️

If you ask me, of course I’d say . . . absolutely! you should hire a professional, independent copywriter.

Am I biased?
The verdict is in . . .

If this were a court of law, I’d be considered a biased witness. I know. I am. Guilty. Because I am a professional independent copywriter. So yes, I’m biased. 😊

But hear my case and I think you’ll find in favor of my opinion and your benefit.

Firstly, don’t do the copywriting yourself – you have enough to do.

Secondly, a professional copywriter has one goal – to help you reach your goal.

Whether that’s to turn online lookers into hotel and resort bookers, search hesitation into restaurant reservation, home browsers into home buyers or email recipients into new and loyal guests, my purpose is to help you achieve your goal.

Really. Don’t go it alone.

May I alleviate your concern and answer some thoughts and questions you may have around hiring a professional independent hospitality copywriter?

  1. You get an intimately focused one-on-one service
  2. Less overhead, more savings to you with an independent copywriter

Would a few more details help?

Let’s take a look at the big picture of hiring a professional independent hospitality copywriter.

What Does a Hospitality Copywriter Do?

In general, a hospitality copywriter writes words that attract and invite your ideal customer to click, book, reserve and visit your hotel, resort or restaurant. To do business with your real estate agency and purchase your luxury brands.

Myself specifically, as a hospitality copywriter I write: website copy, blog posts, guide and brochure copy, descriptions, case studies, email lead generator copy, email sequencing and opt-in forms. I write those non-website pieces of collateral – brochures, guides, menu copy, etc. I write what you need in the form of marketing content and copy.

  • I focus on SEO when the project calls for that kind of copy (attracting search bots to get you in front of your audience)
  • I craft content that builds trust, awareness and connection (so potential guests feel comfortable doing business with you)
  • I create copy that persuades and elicits a response. (to take the action you were hoping for)

I keep this quote in mind:

“When you want to persuade people to do something, you must first persuade them you are of good will” Socrates

What I Write:

WEBSITE COPYWRITING: Website page copy, landing page copy, sales page copy, description copy (room, property, product, cuisine, menu, etc.)

CONTENT WRITING: Case study copy, blog posts, print publication articles (local, regional, inflight, trade)

EMAIL COPYWRITING: Lead generator copy, email sequencing, opt-in form copy, newsletter copy

COLLATERAL COPY & TRAVEL CONTENT: Information and destination guides, brochure, flyer and all those other misc. pieces of copy.

Don’t see your project category listed? No problem. Contact me. I’ve got you covered.

Projects are copy only. Image, design, copy upload and tracking not included.

  • You will need your web design guru to upload to your CMS – content management system.
  • You will need your email assistant to handle things on your email service provider dashboard.
  • You will need your marketing and/or communications department to handle print and/or distribution of print pieces.

Who I Write For:

HOTELS: luxury, chain, boutique, resort, travel brands, hospitality groups.

RESTAURANTS: luxury, hotel-affiliated, resort-affiliated, independent, bistros, cafes.

RESORTS: luxury, beachside, island, golf, spa, pet and pet friendly

REAL ESTATE: luxury, chain, and independent offices

(including weddings, meetings and events affiliated with a hotel, restaurant or resort)

(also including spa, spiritual and alternative therapies offered at or affiliated with your hotel or resort – I have been involved in alternative and healing arts for over 15 years, I’m a Master Reiki practitioner, I know the therapies and the language (copy) to attract your ideal guest to indulge in therapeutic experiences offered at your hotel or resort)

What I Uniquely Bring to Your Project

If I may – ring my hospitality bell 🛎

  • For years I worked at the Upper Cape Cod’s only beachside resort. From back of the house to front of the house and lobby intermediary concierge, I’ve interacted with and experienced it all.

  • I’ve been involved with event planning and worked in hotel resort banquets covering local meetings to corporate events, holiday parties and weddings.

  • It’s in my genes – my maternal grandfather was a chef at Dini’s Restaurant in Boston. I come from a family who planned and hosted a myriad of events – covering everything from birth to death – from invitation to thank you favors.

  • I’m a killer copywriter always focused on finding the right content marketing and copywriting to help you successfully achieve your project goal.

I know your business – and I know my business. Merging them together is like getting a five-star content and three-star Michelin-awarded copywriting service.

Convinced? Great.


How We Work Together
the process

The Process to “Work With Me”

1 – DISCUSSION: It all begins with conversation. Most projects begin with one to two

  • Questionnaire: Our first conversation would be a Discovery Call. There is a brief questionnaire to fill out to share some basic information about your project and provide a few time slots for our call. Once the questionnaire is received, I confirm a Discovery Call time with you.

  • Discovery Call: The Discovery Call is when we get together for our scheduled 15-minutes. During this time we go a little deeper in detail about your project. I ask questions. You ask questions. We decide if we’re compatible to work together on the success of your project.

  • Detailed Call: Once you’ve determined you’d love to work together, we come together on a second call to really flesh out the details of your project. I ask A LOT of questions. Don’t feel intimidated (it’s not a test and there’s no grade). The purpose is for me to gather as much information as I can about your project, your customer and your client (if you’re an agency). The more I know, the better prepared I am to delivery copy that speaks to each of these specifics.

2 – PROPOSAL: I then put together a detailed proposal. There is no “set or cookie cutter” fee for projects. Every project is unique. Every project fee is individualized to that uniqueness.

Your project proposal will cover:  

  • What the project will entail – specific details and piece(s) of copy you are contracting for

  • Your desired delivery date

  • A first draft delivery details – let’s make sure we’re on the right track before getting too far  

  • The number of revisions offered – two revisions are standard with proposal quote

  • Cost of additional revisions, if you desire them

  • Project costs and terms – my copywriting fee that you will be invoiced for your project, the required deposit amount, and the terms for final payment.

DISCLAIMER: Should a change in project direction be desired by you – in other words, you have decided to scrap your original request for whatever reason – THAT is a “new project”. You will be required to meet the financial payment terms at that point of the “original project” before discussing your new project direction.

That is why calls, questions, details and proposals are necessary. I want to assist you in being clear on your project specifications. No surprises.

3 – CREATIVE PROCESS: Once you have approved the proposal and submitted the deposit amount, I get to work. My working process can best be described as:

A time period where I’ve been known to stare blankly into space for prolonged periods of time – performing creative tasks such as scrunching my brow, twisting my lip, grasping my chin and head bobbing to nothing but the noise in my noggin. All in the name of creating words for your content and copywriting project(s).

“Checking up on” your project is not necessary. It’s hard sometimes, I know. I will be in touch on or before the first draft delivery date. If something of importance has come to your attention about the project, by all means, “check in” (wink)!

4 – FIRST DRAFT DELIVERY: If this has been an agreed upon detail, I will deliver the first draft of your project to you on or (sometimes) before the agreed upon first draft delivery date. This is so we can both be assured your project is going in the agreed upon direction and allows you to bring to my attention anything of concern.

(Not everyone wants or needs a first draft delivery. This is totally up to you. Sometimes this is helpful for new clients or very involved projects. Oftentimes repeat clients do not find this step necessary. All times it is your option.)

5 – BACK TO THE CREATIVE PROCESS: If a first draft has been delivered, I return to my creative process and continue on with your project until it has been completed in full.

6 – DELIVERY: You receive your final completed project on or before the agreed upon delivery date.

7 – REVISIONS: Two rounds of revisions are covered in your project cost. Revisions are small fixes in copy. Perhaps something isn’t reading quite like you hoped. Or you’re requesting a title or headline be reworded.

DISCLAIMER: Again, a change in project direction – away from the agreed upon proposal terms – is not a revision. That is a new project and you would be required to meet the financial terms of your original proposal before starting over at the “Discussion” process.

It can happen. You have the right and the option to change direction of your project. Please know, though, that that is a new project, not a revision – back to square one and a new proposal.



What You Do Next



Don’t worry about having ALL the details of your project in order. Know the gist of what you need, hold that creative desire in your mind, and request a call.

I’ll ask plenty of questions to get your noggin’ joggin’, my ink runnin’ and your project completed.

The Discovery Call can initially feel confusing or overwhelming because we really cover a lot of brainstorming in that short time. It’s meant to spark your own idea bank to help decide what it is you want and are trying to accomplish with your piece. That’s why it’s called a “Discovery” Call.

We will both need a day or two after that to process all those magnificent ideas. Then we get together again for the “Detailed Call” to finalize all the details of your project and answer any questions.

Let’s Get Started

I am Honored to Help You.


The Write Copywriter Makes a Difference™

Who’s Working on Your Project?

Let’s take your project from idea to your guests!

Thank you for entrusting your project to me. I look forward to serving you!