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Hello. How may I direct you?

Is your hotel booked? If not, your website might be a good place to evaluate. Your website is often your ideal guest’s initial encounter.

  • Is your website attracting the search engines?
  • Is your website captivating online visitors?
  • Is your website eliciting bookings?
To get rooms booked, events scheduled, functions celebrated and conventions held:
  • You need compelling, creative content to captivate your ideal guests, event coordinators and executive planners. (You need website copy)

  • You need information and storytelling captivating your visitors to eagerly subscribe to your email offer. (Wait! What? You have no email offer? Just an opt-in box! – we need to talk) Let’s captivate visitors so they will not want to miss a thing – they will want to hit that subscribe button.
    (You need email copy)

  • You need visitors to see you’re not just another puffy pillow. You’re their home away from home and their information (tour) guide while they’re with you. You need to show them you’re equipped to fulfill that role. (You need travel copy)


Guests may be handing you their digital wallet (credit card). Down deep they’re handing you their trust – in making their stay as flawless as possible.

What an honor, huh.

These amenities SHOULD be present on your website
the first place your ideal guests visit.

These amenities CAN be present on your website
with a killer copywriter who’s a wizard with words.

With me – Christine McDonald – your hotel copywriter.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Shall we get started!

Traffic is Never Enjoyable

unless it’s traffic to your website – directing traffic to your hotel

Let’s create traffic to both!

Hotel Website Copywriting

Your website is likely your ideal guest’s initial encounter. You have one chance to make a first impression.

If your copy’s not clear and captivating in 10 seconds – you’re losing visitors

Website Copywriting I Write to Help You:

Attract, inform and convert your visitors – to book, subscribe, inquire

  • Website page copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Description copy – (room, product, hotel cuisine)
  • Case study copy – (customer success story testimonials)

Your website is your digital business card. Let’s make it speak.

This list is not exhaustive. Please inquire about your unique project needs.

(Copy upload to site not included. You will need your web design guru to upload to your CMS – content management system)

Hotel Email Copywriting

Your email list is the one medium your hotel OWNS to be front and center in your ideal guests’ minds, driving their booking and after their visit.

If email open, click or conversion rate is low, your copy may be to blame

Email Copywriting I Write to Help You:

Invest in its copy. Reap its rewards. It’s your goldmine.

  • Lead magnet (lead gen) copy
  • Lead magnet package (copy for one (1) lead magnet and email sequence)
  • Opt-in form (box) copy
  • Newsletter copy

Build your list with a lead generator. Nurture it with newsletter copy.

Email isn’t just for selling. It’s also for telling – storytelling – which subtly converts to story selling.

(Image, design, copy upload and tracking not included – you will need your email assistant to handle things on your email service provider dashboard)  

Hotel Travel and Tourism Copywriting

Hotel travel content and copywriting helps you capture search and visitor interest positioning your hotel as the travel information source to desired destinations.

The more interesting and informed a source you are, the more visitors and bookings can come of it.

Travel Copywriting I Write to Help You:

Attract and entertain visitors with relevant destination information.

  • Information guides (local, seasonal and/or event must-sees and happenings)
  • Destination guides (highlighting specific destination history and happenings)
  • Blog posts (stay fresh and relevant with captivating storytelling)
  • Print publication pieces (local, national and industry magazine articles)

Use your website real estate as an opportunity to be discovered.

Your ideal guests are traveling in cyberspace for information to direct their booking destination. Be their source. Become that booking.

(Projects are copy only. Images, design, uploading, printing and/or distribution is the responsibility of your marketing and/or communications department)

“The Secret to Success is Speed of Implementation
Don’t wait for the perfect timing, the perfect timing will never come around.”

– Mark Khoder –

A Copywriting Wizard With Words!

Copywriting involves more than waving a wand.

It takes a Wizard with words and a Killer Copywriter.

It takes The Write Copywriter©

Let’s see if we’re compatible.

Don’t wait until last minute.

What I Write:

Website pages

Landing pages

Description copy (room,
product, hotel cuisine)

Case study copy

Lead magnet copy

Opt-in form (box) copy

Newsletter copy


Blog posts

Print articles

Who I Write For:

Luxury hotels

Upscale hotels

Chain hotels

Boutique hotels

Hotel brands


Travel brands

Hospitality groups

(weddings, meetings, events affiliated with a hotel or resort)

Sorry, I Don’t Write:

Social media

Press releases










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