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Hospitality Copywriting is my business.

I write copy, content and collateral for
hotels, restaurants, resorts and real estate.

If you’re here, I will assume you’re also in the hotel, restaurant, resort or real estate business and you’re in need of a killer hospitality copywriter.

Hi. I’m Christine
Your Hospitality Copywriter Concierge

Does That Make Us a Match Made in Copywriting Heaven?

Maybe. Maybe not.

That’s what a Discovery Call is for:

  • You don’t want to hire a copywriter to bring your project vision to success who may not be compatible with your business.

  • As a copywriter, I don’t want to write for someone who I don’t feel I could help accomplish bringing their project vision to success. That would be risky, unfair and selfish. (But I do know other copywriters – and would absolutely direct you if I was not the right fit)

  • We need to discover our compatibility level. (It’s not rocket science, and I am a Killer Hospitality Copywriter, so you’re in good hands.)

  • Let’s not leave success to chance. Your ROI on a 15-minute call is lucrative.


If you’re ready to schedule your Discovery Call and take your project from idea to guests, fill out the Questionnaire below.

No heavy lifting in the questionnaire. Just some basic information so I know a little bit about who I will be speaking with and a bit about your project.

If you’re not quite ready to schedule a discovery call and have general question, please do so at my CONTACT page.

Ready to Schedule Your Discovery Call?
Please Fill Out the Questionnaire:

Thank you. I will confirm a time with you within 24-48 hours.

I look forward to working with you.

Why a questionnaire?

Think about how long it took you to think of the answers to those basic questions. There’s no reason to waste time or feel pressured on a scheduled call while you conjure up answers. Besides, that almost sounds like a pop quiz. And I don’t know about you, but I hated those 😊

What’s Next?

(I will confirm a call time within 24-48 hours of receipt of your questionnaire)


The Discovery Call:

We get together for our scheduled 15-minute discovery call. Here’s where we go a little deeper in detail about your project. I ask questions. You ask questions. We decide if we’re compatible. If so, I proceed with preparing a proposal and moving forward with my copywriting work process.

☎️ A Worry-Free Discovery Call ☎️

Don’t worry about having ALL the details of your project in order. Know the gist of what you need, hold that creative desire in your mind. We’ll get you out of the weeds during our call.

I’ll ask plenty of questions to get your noggin’ joggin’, my ink runnin’ and your project completed.

The Discovery Call can initially feel confusing or overwhelming because we really cover a lot of brainstorming in that short time. It’s meant to spark your own idea bank to help decide what it is you want and are trying to accomplish with your piece. That’s why it’s called a “Discovery” Call.

We will both need a day or two after that to process all those magnificent ideas. Then we get together again for the “Detailed Call” to finalize all the details of your project and answer any remaining questions.

What Happens After the Discovery Call?

We have a second “Detailed Call” to tie up loose ends. If we’ve decided to work together, I send you a proposal. Once you sign and return the proposal I get to work.

Here’s a complete explanation of how I work.


You filled out the Questionnaire, right?

Thank you.

I will be with you shortly.

Have a question? CONTACT me – let’s get your questions resolved and your project started!

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