Hospitality Copywriter Portfolio Project – Website Redesign

The Write Copywriter Hospitality Copywriting Website

CLIENT: The Write Copywriter


PROJECT: Website redesign


DESCRIPTION: Rebranding project. This was a complete website redesign from top to bottom. Client (me) was rebranding their business from general copywriting to niche *hospitality copywriting*. Every page was rewritten with SEO keywords back of mind. Look and feel were redesigned with new color, fonts, images, layout and ease of navigation.

This was a rush job so that a soft opening could be announced.

Within 18 days the website HOME page “copy” appeared on three SERPs – pages 1 and 2 – WHOA!! – with a highlighted description block pulled directly from the Home page above the fold. The big guy (Google) still had the site on its 6th SERPs page. This is an important and impressive appearance because it was completely organic. There were no back links, no ads, no heavy attention paid (yet) to all the page meta data and the site content was completely new. We were simply trying to get the site pages up with keywords and basic structure set up. Search engines usually take more time than that to pick up new site content. We’re assuming the site experienced the success it did due to intense keyword concentration (concentration, not keyword stuffing).

This does not mean the site “ranked” in SERPs on the top two pages. The point we found impressive was that the site crawlers picked up the new content on the site. We didn’t really expect to see this for a month or two. We figured we’d be out in cyberspace for a while before the “copy” got noticed. This gave us the umph needed to now concentrate on getting “ranked”.

Our sights are on SERPs page 1 (obviously, right!! LOL) However, the fact the site copy was picked up by all the search engines in short time was a positive that kept us going.

This project is THIS website. Click here to start on the Home page to view project live. Enjoy the navigation.

CLIENT RESPONSE: Elation and – well – levitation (LOL)!!

I’d love to add your project.

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