Josh Turner’s “Man Stuff” is a Delightful Book of Revelations and Inspirations – Book Review

Josh-Turner-ManStuff-Book-TWC(Book Review Originally Published on May 13, 2014 at My Little Shangri-La Blog)

Don’t judge a book by its title, especially Josh Turner’s recently released “Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family and Fatherhood”. The title is slightly misleading but the wisdom is not. This little book is big on revelations, inspirations and a side of Josh Turner that just might surprise you.

Josh-Turner-Man-Stuff-Book-Review“Man Stuff” is about life stuff. But unless you caught the “thoughts on faith, family and fatherhood” subtitle, many a reader just might pass this gem by thinking it’s about, well, “man stuff”.

And while we’re on the subject, although Josh’s writing is focused on the sharing of wisdom he’s garnered in his role as son, father and husband – clearly all male stuff – Turner’s tales are universal. “Man Stuff” takes you behind the scenes and into the heart of Josh Turner, yet Turner’s clearly a messenger here, as these stories are at the heart of mankind as a whole.

Sharing the spotlight he’s under and the spotlight he follows, Turner takes you on an inspirational trek to where he is now, how he arrived, things he endured and what pulled him through. Looking up at Turner on stage one might see what appears to be a man of physical confidence, vocal strength and lyrical conviction. But as Josh shares in “Man Stuff”:

“The image of the strong, self-sufficient man doing life easily on his own is just that: an image, an illusion”.

And from there through a myriad of meaningful and thought-provoking stories Josh confesses that being a man of integrity and staying true to one’s conviction in a world gone awry is sometimes easier said than done. Dreams he had, disappointments he bore, setbacks he endured, joys he experienced and mistakes he made, all lead him to the conclusion that:

“I haven’t been all the way around the block, but I’ve been far enough around to know you only get so many chances to blow it in this life before the people closest to you start to doubt you … they’ll keep on loving you, but they’re just not sure they can always trust you.”

Yet, “Man Stuff” is also about its readers. You will hear your stories, your life, woven within the anecdotes Josh shares. You will recognize your struggles through the tales Turner tells. You will be inspired to discover that wholesome, organic and all-natural aren’t the latest buzzwords but a reminder of a Shepherd that invites and guides us daily to a life enriched with abundance. And in an instant gratification world where everything is fast-paced and readily available, you will be encouraged as “Man Stuff” takes you back in thought – to a time when moments had meaning, time was precious and man followed God not twitter.

Don’t judge a book by its title or a man by his cover, for neither is ever what they seem. “Man Stuff” is Josh Turner’s treasure trove of tales, his own personal book of revelations. It’s humorous, not preachy; deep but not heavy. Yet it’s your story too. And for those of us who only know Josh publicly, “Man Stuff” is an introduction to the depth of the man behind the “Long Black Train”. And you will delightfully discover that Josh Turner is quite a “Firecracker”.

“Man Stuff” hit store shelves on April 29, 2014 but this is an enduring coffee table book that will hit you with inspiration every time you pick it up – so be sure to pick up a copy today for yourself and for gifts – for its encouragement is enduring.

To get your copy of “Man Stuff”:

Josh-Turner-Man-Stuff-Book-Review(Released April 29, 2014 by Thomas Nelson, an imprint of Harper Collins Christian Publishing.)

  1. Order “Man Stuff” at Josh Turner’s website
  2. Order “Man Stuff at Barnes & Noble /Nook available
  3. Order “Man Stuff at Amazon /Kindle available


Josh Turner talks about “Man Stuff”

About Josh Turner
MCA Nashville recording artist Josh Turner is one of country music’s most successful artists. With a rich, deep voice and unique style, Turner is a double-platinum-selling singer/songwriter and a disciple of traditional country music, a mentor to up-and-coming artists —and one of the youngest members of the Grand Ole Opry. From his 2003 Platinum-selling debut Long Black Train to his most recent 2012 Billboard No. 1 release Punching Bag, Turner has received six Inspirational Country Music Awards and garnered multiple GRAMMY, CMA, and ACM nominations. Turner’s hits include “Time Is Love,” “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” “Firecracker,” “Would You Go with Me” and more.

This year Turner added author to his list of accomplishments. His first book, Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family and Fatherhood comes out April 29, 2014 and his sixth studio album is expected to follow later this year. The Hannah, S.C. native has been songwriting and performing since he was a young child, and in support of music education, created The Josh Turner Scholarship Fund to assist students interested in pursuing a future in arts and music. As a high school student, Turner had very little access to music education, therefore realizes first-hand the importance of arts education in schools. For more information on Josh Turner including a list of his upcoming tour dates, visit

Josh Turner Website
Josh Turner Facebook
Josh Turner Twitter

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