Anna Tsui’s “Shadow Magic” Illuminates How the Strength of Your Inner Dark Side Creates Success

Book Title: Shadow Magic: Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business
Author: Anna Tsui
Publisher: Tonic Books
Pages: 136 (2477KB)
Published: May 4, 2019 (Available at Amazon Kindle)

Every entrepreneur has a professional goal. Some prosper. Some flounder. All struggle with the keys to success. And if you find yourself somewhere in that description then Shadow Magic is for you.

If your business doesn’t involve coaching, don’t let the (book) title deter your attention. The principles in Shadow Magic can be applied to any area of your business or life where you find yourself unable to prosper – or in some cases, even get things off the ground.

It’s a bit contradictory. The (book) title, that is. I mean, how can a shadow be magic, right?

Deep within the recesses of all of us lie our shadows. It is our dark, mysterious intruder. Sometimes we can’t see it, sometimes it’s right there in the way beside us. And sometimes it photo bombs us just when things were starting to go good. How can we possibly get rid of it so we can move on and succeed in life?

We can’t.

The mystery, according to Ms. Tsui, is to work with it.


Yup, that’s right. Get to know your shadow. Recognize it. Acknowledge it. And be grateful for what it teaches you about yourself. Its lessons can be challenging but they are meant to make you stronger in many respects.

Ms. Tsui has been where you are, attempting to succeed at the business plan you have before you. She has met her shadow and realized how to use it to her advantage. And that is why she brings her personal and entrepreneurial experience to you. Shadow Magic offers you the opportunity to access exercises from its author, Anna Tsui, who is not only an author but an Intuitive Business Coach. And the opportunities she presents to you in Shadow Magic are an offering from her to help you uncover and work with your shadow side so that when it attempts to intrude on your success you will recognize its presence and know how to work with and around it rather than having it derail your plans and progress.

If you’re serious about discovering what is holding you back in business – and in life, for that matter – Shadow Magic is a wonderful place to start that discovery process. You won’t be disappointed, unless, of course, you don’t purchase the book, because then you can’t discover this un-shadowing process to success!



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