Ghostwriting is words written by a writer for another person who will be named as the “author” of the work.

Ghostwriters work in conjunction with the author they are writing for. Sometimes the author has an idea, an outline, facts and research; but may not have the writing skill to create a finished piece. And sometimes that author may simply not have the time to write it. That is when a Ghostwriter is hired to work with all of the information the author has and then write the piece.

The author will usually then read over the hired writer’s work and edit it as they feel fit, as the final say ALWAYS belongs to the author. The writer does not get public “credit” for the piece they’ve written. They get paid by the author who hired them and they work in conjunction with that author.

Ghostwriting is not unethical. It is actually a very precise process of putting a piece together.

A Ghostwriting Portfolio is a little tricky to put together because there is usually a non-disclosure agreement between the writer and the author, which means the writer cannot reveal that they wrote the piece.

That being said, I have ghostwritten for:

  • The Alternative Health industry
  • The Real Estate Industry
  • The Legal Industry

If you are looking to work with a ghostwriter on a project, please feel free to contact me so we can talk about your project and see if we are compatible to bring your desired project to completion.