I had the pleasure of breaking into the Podcast industry back in 2011. I handled the Podcast Scriptwriting and LIVE interview process. Editing and production was handed to the tech department, which at the time was spearheaded by Aaron Sonnenberg, an award-winning freelance designer, developer, and owner of Sonnenberg Design Inc. Aaron is truly one of the nicest and easiest designers to work with.

Years later I ventured off on my own and took on full responsibilities of creating, recording, editing and publishing the Guidance on Demand podcast for Guiding Life Coaching. (And God Bless Aaron who didn’t hesitate to link me to everything I would need to venture into podcasting on my own)

Podcasting is tremendously enjoyable and a wonderful asset to your business.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss adding a podcast to assist your audience.

Below are podcasts I have created, written, edited and/or produced.

Guidance On Demand Podcast:
The Guidance on Demand Podcast is part of the Spiritual Confidence Coach and Lifestyle Writing offered by Christine McDonald of Guiding Life Coaching.

The Guidance On Demand podcast is faith-fueled, God-given guidance for the Millennial and Young Emerging Adult audience. (But you don’t have to be a millennial or young adult to enjoy it. Feel free to check it out.) The podcast shares practical tools, exercises and stories to help open, strengthen and follow your spiritual inner voice of guidance to create lasting confidence and reach your goals with clarity and success.

GUIDANCE ON DEMAND PODCAST (full series) created, recorded, edited and produced by Christine McDonald (me) for Guiding Life Coaching.

Country Music Pridecast:
Admittedly, some assignments are just plain FUN. And this series was right up there in the awesome category. This podcast series was in its infancy during my time with the publication and unfortunately short lived. But you can click below to enjoy the full podcast series I conducted while working with Country Music Pride as a country music writer and editor.

ALL COUNTRY MUSIC PRIDECAST – PODCAST INTERVIEWS conducted by Christine McDonald (me) at Country Music Pride. I handled the scriptwriting and recorded interview process. Aaron Sonnenberg of Sonnenberg Design handled production and publishing.

Country Music PrideCast

Click an “individual” podcast episode of your choice. Enjoy!

Christine McDonald’s interview with Eric Church for Country Music Pride’s podcast episode #4

Christine McDonald’s interview with Casey James for Country Music Pride’s podcast episode #3

Christine McDonald’s interview with Jake Owen for Country Music Pride’s podcast episode #2

Christine McDonald’s interview with the Eli Young Band for Country Music Pride’s podcast episode #1