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Rebranding Can Attract Your Ideal Customer – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back.

No matter your business – and especially if it’s writing – you may often feel you’ve begun your new adventure completely certain of where things will go. Then slowly and steadily change, focus and redirection assures you otherwise.

What do you do?

If you make changes you risk losing everything you’ve built.

If you fight changes you risk losing everything that’s possible.

What do you do?

Evaluate but don’t over think it

The best you can do for your business is to evaluate the change or redirection you’re feeling and determine if implementing it will result in positive progress.

Ask yourself:

  • Will it help you attract the ideal customer you desire?
  • Will it help you attract the lifestyle you desire?
  • Will it help you build the business you desire?

Don’t let fear of change and rebranding what you do convince you that it isn’t good. Sometimes it’s the answer to reaching a higher potential of your skill set and goals.

You’ll Know When It’s Time

Writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™ – I have an insatiable curiosity and a fleeting mind – which makes for writing on a lot of topics, styles and categories.

You can’t fence that in.

And that’s okay. I could never be creatively fenced in.

However . . .

. . . when it came to my writing as a service, I found my multi-curious fleeting mind not “always” an asset. A Jack of all trades, master of none – of sorts.

But let’s not find fault with Jack of all trades. There are many copywriters who are “generalists”. In fact, that is was me.

Since 2008 I’ve had the pleasure of satisfying my curiosity and my craft creating copy for alternative health, healing arts, music, entertainment, spiritual healing, real estate, legal and hospitality. I know Jack. I was Jack. Jack’s not a bad guy. But I could feel change happening. Me and Jack weren’t going to last.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Jack was gone! 💥


Rebranding can be concerning if you’ve been in business awhile.

What will current clients think? What will new clients think? Where will this leave us? Where will this lead us?

Ahhh, relax and silence your troubled mind.

Rebranding will leave the “current” in your knowledge bank and lead your future to success. Clients will realize you’re awesome – because when you hit your sweet spot it will show and become an asset to everyone you serve.

But let’s take a step back and assess the aftermath of that lightning strike!

Come along . . .


As predicted, me and Jack didn’t last.

But it’s all good – for me, for Jack and most importantly, for you, my followers and clients.

Jack has already found someone else and The Write Copywriter© has rebranded!

However, change did not happen as instantly as it would have had I been hit by a lightning bolt. The “idea” struck like a lightning bolt, but the multitude of changes took some time and some planning – a lot of patience, pencil-breaking and Divine Guidance.

The Write Copywriter began and continues as a boutique copy and content writing business. The name and company history have not changed. The company goal has not changed. I still aim to provide the best copy, content and collateral writing for my clients as I have been doing since 2008.

What changed is the industry I’m now serving – the hospitality industry – hotels, resorts, restaurants and real estate. With that clarity of change, it was obvious the site itself had to be completely rebranded.


The package (site) may look different. The service is still the same.

  • I am still providing 5-star copy, content and collateral writing to each of my clients.
  • I am still providing inspiration to each of my readers.
  • I am still providing marketing strategy, intuitive web (copy) design, and a white glove experience.

I’m just narrowing my focus. . .

hotel – resort – restaurant – real estate


What it means for my current readers is that the site content and blog post topics will change. Writing will be more focused on copywriting, content writing, collateral writing and marketing – for the hospitality industry. All of which is still of great value to you as a writer – you need only to apply the information to whatever your writing niche is.

I will still be writing fun and inspirational posts about people, places and travel. I do feel you will find those pieces interesting as well.

My blogging goal here is to post more regularly – admittedly posts have been a bit erratic. I believe that was due to my wandering mind. I just hadn’t hit my writing sweet spot.

Imagine that.

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™ and I still hadn’t hit my sweet spot.

(In defense of myself, really, how do you choose one sweet over another – They’re all so uniquely satisfying.)

So how did I choose? How did this change happen?


The hospitality industry isn’t totally new to my creative cortex. As mentioned, since 2008 I have written for a buffet of industries, hospitality being one of them.

That writing buffet fed my insatiable curiosity.

And anyone that knows me knows I LOVE buffets. . .

try everything – determine favorites – return for seconds
they’re a diner’s delight
a guest’s grandeur

however . . .

I also had a craving to stop filling my writing plate with tastings of everything – which is the beneficial allure of buffets – and selectively choose the writing entrees that appeal most to my palate.

I knew I hit my sweet spot by the excitement that was brewing inside – you know, that luxurious lust for writing that entrenches you in experiencing creative copywriting couture.

The lightning bolt also struck me that writing for the hospitality industry allows me to include my other favorite writing topics – alternative health, healing arts, music, and spiritual healing – because seasoning hotel, restaurant, real estate and resort writing with those subject ingredients enhances the ambiance of the hospitality writing I provide.

(spa, spiritual and alternative therapies offered at or affiliated with your hotel or resort, I know the therapies and the language (copy) to attract your ideal guest to indulge in the therapeutic experiences you offer)

So whatever you’re involved in in life and in writing, just know that although at times you may feel unfocused, uncertain and unsuccessful, somehow when you hit your sweet spot you realize it’s sweet because of all the ingredients (experiences) you put into it.


It is here. Live. You are enjoying (I hope) the first blog post published since rebranding began.


Indulge. Share. Return.
Leave a tip (comment) The hospitality industry loves tips.

And don’t forget – you can always hire me to work on your copywriting needs.

Seeing that you’re here on site, just know, no matter where you are in your travels, you can always tap the site header – like a service bell – which will immediately take you to The Write Copywriter hospitality writing lobby (home page).

There, the writing concierge (me) shares a delicate and detailed buffet of service selections. (check it out)


Not everything is visible to the human eye. Often, what draws our attention to something are subtleties – like a spice defining a dish, an energy filling the echo of a lobby, or notes of scent and sound creating a resort ambiance.

That same detail of select ingredients and hidden accommodations went into the rebranding, restructuring and redesign of The Write Copywriter website.


I don’t take details lightly. I’m obsessed.
Especially with details that make your experience doing business with me
flawless, friendly and fruitful.

The site is pretty simple, intuitively designed and user friendly.

Hit the bell, I’ll show you around.



I have no soaps to offer in honor of your visit,
fine chocolate to remind – your senses of your stay,
no Lai to lasso you, no I’m not so explicit,
it’s the service you experience I hope reminds you of my name.

It’s a pleasure serving you.

Tap the Bell
the Copywriting Concierge will greet you in the lobby


Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash – Edited in Paint 3D

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