The #1 Reason Why You Should Write Your “About” Page – NOW!!

Your “About” page is the most visited page on your site.

Your visitors, your audience, your prospects want to know everything about you – without having to hear everything about you.

Visitors want to know:

  • who it is sharing a story, advice, review, product or service (personality / voice / experience)
  • what you do or offer to solve their problem (product / service / credentials)
  • how anything about you warrants the time they’re giving to you (solution)

The BENEFIT they get from reading, hiring or doing business with you.

Visitors also want to know all that without feeling like they’re reading an AI-generated PowerPoint. (Sorry, tech peeps, nothing personal) Educate, entertain and entice. Weave in information, personality and desire. Realize your “About” page is not a resume or CV.

Maybe you’ve ignored writing your “About” page. Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Who Cares About Me?”.  Let me share the good news – everybody cares about you. Well, in a selfish kind of way they do.

THAT is the #1 reason why you should write your “About” page – NOW!

Hello world!

Remember when that was the “go to” first post suggestion for anyone starting a blog! A generic shout out to the world from the blogosphere.

I actually loved it. And when I revamped my writing website years ago it popped up again in the new blog suggestion.

I ran with it. I thought it was visually awesome. And if I closed my eyes I could see and hear . . .

. . . well, you give it a try.

Close your eyes.

Ya, right now. You’ve got time.

Close your eyes. Picture yourself standing atop a mountain. Shouting out to the world. Letting them know who you are and what you do.

Hello World!!

It’s a cool visual. Exciting energy.

In reality, it’s a bit of a paradox. Because if you think about it, if you’re standing atop a mountain and yell “Hello World”, your voice would rise, not fall below to all the people in the world you’re shouting out to.

It’s still a cool concept. And visual. And opportunity.

It’s Not Just Cool – It’s Necessary – and Here’s Why

Today, I feel like we’re a shadow on the wall out there in the great big cyber world. We search, we click, we scroll, we read. We socialize – or so we think – wink! (we’re really stalking others and comparing ourselves – Stop It!)

We encounter so many people, businesses, opportunities – but “know” no one – or not too many.

Shadows. That’s what we are.

But I love ghosts. So . . .

Close your eyes again. Picture yourself atop that mountain one more time. This time instead of the sky before you being open and clear, it’s filled with shadows. All you can see are shadows. So many shadows.

Creepy. But that’s how it is in cyberspace. A gazillion shadows lurking around like a casting call for the next Stephen King novel.

It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

It shouldn’t be that way.

You should never be a shadow in cyberspace. Ghost those shadows and stand out in the voice and information you provide on your “About” page.

Take a moment and introduce yourself. Don’t just stand atop your mountain shouting out a generic “Hello World”! into the abyss. Everyone’s doing that. Take a moment and say who you are.

Write your “About” page.

  • Did you know it’s said to be the most widely read page on your site!
  • Did you know it’s not really about you – well it is sort of subliminally – but it’s really about “how” who you are and what you do can be of value to the person reading it.
  • Did you know it’s one of the most time-consuming, difficult but fun pages to write!

Did you know you can have hundreds of blog posts with titles that grab human attention and keywords that grab search engine attention. Yet when a visitor finishes reading your post, they are searching next for your “About” link because they want to know – Who Are You that they should adopt anything you share or even give you their time.

So, impress them.

Who are you? What do you do? And how does either one – or both – benefit your visitor?

Take Your “About” Page Out of the Shadows – But Don’t Dig Up Ghosts

Be careful writing your “About” page.

  • It is not a private journal entry gone public.
  • It is not a mini memoir from birth ‘til now.
  • It is the one piece that’s crucial to your audience.

It is the one piece that AI will never be able to write and everybody will be looking to read.

When you’re done . . .

(Feel free to share your “About link” in comments so others can read about who you are)

A Few “About” Page Samples

Take time to visit a few “About” pages on different types of websites. It will help you brainstorm how you want to set up yours and what you might want to include.

Here’s a few different one’s of mine:

My “About” Page here at The Write Copywriter

My “About” Page at Medium – where I write about Spiritual Confidence and lifestyle for Millennials

My “About” Page at Guiding Life Coaching – where I offer Spiritual Confidence Coaching to Millennials

Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

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