Take your time checking out the book reviews I’ve had the pleasure of writing while working as a country music writer, for my life coaching audience and for the writing industry. 


Tune into the podcast series I conducted while working with Country Music Pride as a country music writer and editor. Admittedly, some assignments are just plain FUN. And this series was right up there in the awesome category. Enjoy . . .

Lifestyle Columns

Lifestyle columns are one of my favorites to write. Grab some time, bring a beverage and immerse yourself in the myriad of emotions evoked in some of the lifestyle columns I’ve had the pleasure to publish. Click a pic to take you to the column of your choosing

Human Interest Columns

Human interest stories tug at the core of emotions. They are some of the most transforming to tell. Open your heart, mind, agenda (and a link) to indulge in the touching of lives and topics I’ve highlighted in human interest writing. 

Opinion Columns

Opinion writing evokes many emotions – oftentimes angering the reader. Yet, at the heart of opinion pieces is the reader’s opportunity to observe other perspectives before reaching conclusions on a matter. I invite you to speculate on the perspective of opinion pieces I’ve published.

Spiritual Columns

Spiritual stories can have a bit of a mystique shrouding them, often touching on un-explainable phenomena. Sharing them assists us in understanding what is often difficult to explain, and reassures us that there is, indeed, a divine essence behind everything. Let go of your busy mind and slip into the comfort of a few of … Continue reading Spiritual Columns

Miscellaneous Articles

A myriad of writing interests affords a myriad of writing opportunities. Take some time to take your mind on a journey through enjoyable articles I have had the pleasure of writing.