You Can Receive Answers to Life’s Questions Quite Regularly if You’re Open to Where They Come From

They’re in the spiritual cloud – but your app (mind) has to be open

There’s probably at least a million times during the course of our day where we ponder a question in our mind or ask one out loud. But we don’t often think about where the answers come from. They show up. And that’s that.

I had spent some time cleaning up my blog here at my writing website. Most of the posts consisted of topics related to “writing”, “life as a writer” and “book reviews”.

But then there’s all those other miscellaneous things that beg a writer’s attention to be told. I had planned on creating a category unrelated in title to anything else I was doing at the blog and just publish these miscellaneous posts there. You know, something like “This and That”.

I didn’t really think the category title of “all that other stuff” really matter . . .

But Then This Happened and Boy Did It Change My Mind . . . and Categories!

I randomly came upon a blog at a writer’s website that I was very interested in reading. As I began scrolling I realized there was no “categories” section to click on to see what the categories were and what was available under each for reading.

“Wow! Okay. Well, um . . .”

That was my exact response.

Then I sat back in my chair staring at the blog.

I had just made mention in a previous post about how categories almost stifled my creativity, yet I understand their importance. My point in my post was that although categorizing almost stifled my creativity, no reader would want to scroll through an entire blog just to read posts on a particular subject matter. Categories are important.

So here I am on this blog – and by the way, I’m not mentioning the writer or linking to the blog on purpose. That’s not the point here. This blogger is EXPONENTIALLY successful in her writing work. 10+ years of blogging, 10 books under her belt, another soon to be released and a writing course. Successful is an understatement

With 145 “blog pages” to scroll through, 6-11 posts per blog page, the math is frightening. I mean, I’d love nothing more than to sip Sangrias in Maui and delve into all 145 blog pages – she’s that good! But for the moment, I was interested in reading a specific category of posts.

Now, as bloggers, or blog readers, we know, we can click on the “category” that a particular post is published under and be brought to that category’s independent page.

But it still leaves me in the dark as to what this prolific writer has for categories, what specific subjects she writes about. I would have to scroll her entire blog, click each blog post category, bookmark each category page independently, or get creative and make a Word doc with links to each of her category pages I’ve pulled up, or email myself with links of each category page.

I repeat. “Wow!”

That’s exhausting and time consuming. All I wanted to do was read this magnificent blog.

So what’s a blog reader to do?

I made a mental note to get back to this writer’s blog at a later date. I simply did not have the time nor patience to scroll 145 pages and/or try to figure out what “categories” she wrote about.

But I no sooner made that mental note to return when IT hit me. Stumbling upon this blog was no chance encounter. Its lack of categories was the answer to MY category question at my own blog.

Never underestimate the power of Divine Guidance – Providence – to deliver an answer to you. Just be sure to leave yourself open to its arrival in unexpected ways.

Providence has clearly pointed out that a blog category called “This and That” or even something remotely unclear as that is not acceptable. If I want a reader to read my posts, I’ve got to make clear what my categories are all about.

I am so grateful my mind is open to what’s stored in my spiritual cloud.

Have you ever been given an answer from an odd place or in an odd way? I’d love to hear it. Please share.

And if you’re at all interested in understanding the intuitive world and strengthening your own, I have a Free fun “Guide to Awaken & Strengthen Your Intuition” for you to enjoy. You can grab it HERE and enjoy it at your leisure!

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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