Oh, no! #NSNC18 Cincinnati – what happened?

There I was, Cincinnati, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Well, I had somewhere to go but then suddenly didn’t. It happens to the best of us so I don’t take being suddenly slighted personally. I do dare say, however, I look fashionably spiffy in my new duds standing here stood up. It all … Continue reading Oh, no! #NSNC18 Cincinnati – what happened?

Does ‘Aspiring’ count as a columnist style?

Today is National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ Day. I am a member. Nationwide, columnists share signage proclaiming their column style in honor of Ernie Pyle, the greatest columnist of all time. I’m in. I think. I stopped. Pondered. I am a . . . Hmm? Confused, I contacted my counsellor. Luckily, there was an opening, … Continue reading Does ‘Aspiring’ count as a columnist style?